MLS Tech Bylaws, Rules & Regs

Reviews the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and recommend changes.  They investigate, and act on complaints that a member has violated the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. 

MLS Tech Bylaws, Rules and Regulations Committee (staggered 3 yr term)
Jackie   Proffitt Keller Williams   Advantage December 2023
Royce   Ellington Keller Williams   Advantage December 2024
Ron Sumner Coldwell Banker   Select December 2024
Leslie Leeds Leslie Scott Realty December 2024
Michael Urie Solid Rock REALTORS® December 2024
Elizabeth   Hill eHill Realty December 2024
Patrick Fox Fox & Associates December 2024
Carol Brown McGraw, REALTORS December 2024
Dana Weyl Coldwell Banker   Select December 2025
Matisan   Fullgham EO (non-voting) Texoma AE
Kannon Dry Texoma Rep.
Cheryl Van   Horn EO (non-voting) Ada AE
Scott Ward Ada Rep.
Robin Johnson EO (non-voting) SOAR AE
Connie   Campbell SOAR Rep.
Laci Jones EO (non-voting) SOBR AE
Jennifer   Brewer SOBR Rep.

**No less than nine (9) MLS Tech Participants or Users. Must be a Participant and/or User for at least five (5) continuous years. Six (6) members of the committee must be Participants or Users in management. MLS Chairperson with voting rights.