Welcome to the MLS Technology (MLS Tech) Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you.

Our staff is in the process of integrating your membership data and MLS listing data into our system.  To begin the application process, we need the following membership forms completed by every member in your Association:

The MLS Tech Bylaws  and Rules & Regs must be read before completing any applications.

If you are the Principal or Managing Broker for your firm, or an Appraiser acting as the Designated REALTOR® for your firm, we need the following paperwork completed and returned to us.

1) Application for Participation: SOAR MLS Participant Application

2) MLS Tech User Agreement: MLS Tech User Agreement

If you are a Broker Associate or Sales Associate licensed under a member broker, or an Appraiser or Trainee sponsored by a member appraiser, we need the following paperwork completed and returned to us.

1) Application: SOAR MLS Licensee Application

2) MLS Tech User Agreement: MLS Tech User Agreement

If there is an Unlicensed Assistant working in your office that will require access to the MLS system (i.e., inputting listings, updating photos, etc.), we need the following paperwork completed and returned to us.

Application: Unlicensed Assistant Application and User Agreement

Anyone needing to input listings into the MLS system will need to complete and return the following form to us: Add/Edit Authorization Form

After the required paperwork has been returned to MLS Tech, an email will be sent to each member informing them of their MLS log in and password along with instructions on how to change their password and access the system.


We are looking forward to serving you; if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

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