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2019 Bills We Support

SB104-Rosino, Paul – Permits the Real Estate Commission to investigate and impose sanctions on licensed real estate agents using prizes or money to induce or secure customer/client purchases of specific property, but permits open prizes at events.
SB915-Rosino, Paul – Creates the Remote Online Notary Act, provides definitions, rule-making authority, registration procedures, and record keeping requirements, also creates other related Acts.
SB961–Smalley, Jason – Creates the Oklahoma Home Buyer Savings Account Act, which allows for an income tax deduction for related savings up to a certain amount with certain reporting required.
HB1411-Nichols, Monroe – Eliminates the population restriction on municipalities to receive the Affordable Housing Tax Credit.
HB1434-Gann, Tom – Extends the sunset for the Oklahoma Abstractors Board
HB2394-Kannady, Chris – Modifies grounds for termination of lease by landlords related to criminal drug activity to not require such activity to take place on or near the premises of the renter.

2019 Bills We Oppose

HB1264-Hilbert, Kyle – Eliminates the population requirements necessary to claim the Affordable Housing Credit, reducing the period available to claim credits under the Act from 10 to 5 years
HB2257- Goodwin, Regina – Directs municipalities to prohibit any curb structure across driveways of multifamily dwellings which create unsafe or unreasonalble access for disable or aged persons
HB2395-Kannady, Chris – Relates to landlords and tenants by permitting landlords to take possession of certain property left around a dwelling unit by a former tenant who has abandonded or surrendered possession of such dwelling
SB416-Bice, Stephanie – Relates to tax credits for investment in affordable housing projects, modifies term of credit period on and after January 1, 2020.
SB638- Floyd, Kay – Sunsets the capital gains tax deduction from the Oklahoma adjusted gross income of individual taxpayers as allowable ending on or before December 31, 2020.

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