GTAR Firm Affiliate Members

More than 90 companies have joined GTAR as Firm Affiliate Members. Each of these firms offer services related to the real estate industry, provided such services are on a non-discriminatory basis and available to all members, have interests requiring information concerning real estate and are in agreement with the objectives of GTAR.

    Danny Becerra Roofing

    531 E Marshall Pl
    Tulsa, OK 74106
    918-576-8900 (O)
    918-599-0978 (F)
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    21181 E 39th Pl S
    Broken Arrow, OK 74014
    918-510-3186 (O)
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Tulsa Association of REALTORS
Tulsa Association of REALTORS
(918) 663-7500
11505 E 43rd Street Tulsa OK 74146
no name available Tulsa Association of REALTORS